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Tips & Tales of a Hot Mess Wedding! And 4 Ways for YOU to Avoid Having One!

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Yes. There is a folder of wedding day experiences I call the "Hot Mess Files".

How does a wedding end up in that folder? And how can you insure your wedding does not end up there?!

1) HIRE A PLANNER or professional coordinator!!!

I cannot emphasize the value of these hard working pros enough! Seriously!

They are not just a luxury. They are a necessity -- for your peace of mind, for insuring that your vision is realized and to advocate 100% for YOU!

They do not pay me to advertise! LOL I just see first hand what a difference they make at weddings.

(Ask me for additional articles and details on this topic.)

You might not like this one . . .

2) TOO MUCH ALCOHOL before the ceremony.

I know . . . Wedding Day is a celebration. I get it. I support that! I hope you ALL need an Uber to get home after the party!

BUT -- pre-ceremony is "no bueno!".

Here's why:

  • It will change the atmosphere of your ceremony from tender, sweet and romantic to "frat party". (Which I'm ok with if you are.)

  • The Best Man & Maid of Honor may forget or botch their parts. (Yep. Been there seen that!)

  • Your photographer will thank you! Getting a tipsy group posed for photos is a challenge (like trying to herd cats!) and will delay you getting to your reception.

  • It will show in their eyes in your photos forever. (You know that look.)

  • AND -- fun fact: it is against the law for me to marry you if one of YOU is impaired.

(Ask me for some funny/ not funny stories!)


One who will get to know you like family, bring that warmth to your ceremony, be emotionally present for you before and during the wedding, and will be trustworthy, professional and have experience & some mad skills!

(Ask me --I know someone who fits this bill.) :)


If you have children in your wedding party -- your own or otherwise, child care is a must!

  • You cannot be a parent and a Bride/ Groom on the same day.

  • Grandma wants to look good and not be exhausted by the reception! She doesn't need to chase a toddler around in her stilettos. She deserves to be queen for the day.

  • Children are not designed to sit still quietly! LOL The caregiver needs to plan ahead for their care and safety -- a bag of activities, snacks and drinks that don't stain, keeping their schedule as much as possible, getting them dressed and ready for photos . . .

  • Their safety is so important. Someone should be 100% dedicated to looking after them while protecting the property as well. ;)

(Ask me for some near disaster stories!!)

Let's book your Wedding Workshop for even more "Hot Mess Avoidance Tips"!

❤ Pastor Crystal

Professional Wedding Officiant

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