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Tips & Tales of a Backyard Wedding

Living in the Sunshine State, many couples of Central Florida consider a backyard wedding--especially if your backyard looks like this!


Ask yourselves why this is important to you.

Is it for the intimacy, sweetness of "home", privacy and more control --'cause you want the kids or dogs happily roaming free?

Or is it to save on the venue budget?

If it is the latter, just know that there WILL be expenses to accomplish the vision you have.

tent/ tables/ chairs/ linens/ dish & glassware/ flowers/ music/ arch/ lighting . . .

Some of these items come included in most venues.

Also count the cost of the time and challenge of finding, booking and renting everything, and someone's time and energy to set it all up and clean it all up for you.
Are there rules in your community? Noise or parking regulations? Cranky neighbors?

Will there be many preparations needed for the home or lawn? (fire ants are evil!!)

Once it's all added up, does it still make sense?

Then YES! Go for it! wooohooo! It can be so sweet, romantic and lovely!



For one of my recent backyard weddings, the cranky neighbor across the street demanded that all vehicles parked on his side of the road be moved immediately! We had to delay the ceremony while guests moved their cars--(including mine! oops!). Mother of the Bride was embarrassed and stressed. All ended well and they are happily married.

Tip from this Tale: add "parking attendant" to the checklist for wedding day.

And call me! :) I will walk you through the part of the wedding that is the HEART of the day -- your ceremony!

❤ Pastor Crystal
Professional Wedding Officiant
English/ Spanish/ Bilingual Weddings
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Kyndal Morris
Kyndal Morris
Aug 25, 2022

I love your blogs! When will you be writing about the "Fairy Tale Wedding Ceremonies" I've heard about? Do you still offer those?

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