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Complete  and Sweet  

Everything you need to have a customized ceremony and be fully prepared for an excellent wedding day experience.

2023 $525 + travel 

2024 $625 + travel

What to Expect:

  • An "Introductory Chat with a Chemistry Check"

  • A one hour "Wedding Workshop​"​ phone call

  • A fully customized and personalized ceremony

  • A 75 page digital booklet of Symbolic Unity Ceremonies --optional for adding on

  • A one hour "Virtual Rehearsal" phone call

  • And an adorable professional officiant!  :)​

  • Handling the legal paperwork and marriage license

UNIQUE to Ceremony by Crystal Couples

  • Exclusive access to over 40 short, helpful tutorial videos created to inform, empower and prepare you for Wedding Day! 

    • Topics include:

      • How to properly hold a bouquet

      • How to properly escort a lady

      • How to present and put on wedding ring

      • First kiss dos and don'ts

    • Sample of tutorial video 

    • A complete guide to getting your marriage application, license and certificate, tutorial video

  • 1 to 2 mins long each


Sweet  and Simple Elopement 

Restrictions apply​

2023 Starting at $255 

2024 Starting at $295


  • An initial consultation

  • Writing a sweet ceremony for you

  • Performing of the ceremony

  • Handling the license mailing

  • A la carte add-ons are available

Serving all of Central Florida

Ceremony by Crystal is honored to be a
Disney Fairy Tale Weddings  Preferred Officiant. 

First of all . . . CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU!! 

Let's find out if   Ceremony by Crystal is a good fit for your needs  . . . 

Tell me more!
Flower Decorations
Flower Decorations
Flower Decorations
Are We a Match?
When you think about planning your wedding ceremony . . . how are you feeling?
What are you most nervous about for wedding day?
How important to you is it to have a ceremony that is deeply meaningful and romantic?
Not importantNot too importantSomewhat importantImportantVery Important
How important is it to you that your ceremony include humor and fun?
Not importantNot too importantSomewhat importantImportantVery Important
How important is it to you that your ceremony have some inclusion of your faith or religion?
Not importantNot too importantSomewhat importantImportantVery Important
If so, how would you prefer to be addressed?
How did you hear about Ceremony by Crystal? (I may need to send a thank you note!)
Are you interested in a Spanish or bilingual ceremony?
How do you feel about tacos? (Warning: this could affect our relationship!)

Thank you so much for taking the time to share this information.

I will get back with you as soon as possible!   💝 Pastor Crystal 





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