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                  Pastor Crystal Porter


Choosing your officiant is a big decision! You want someone with whom you feel a connection and a warmth. Experience is important too. It’s an honor to be invited to a couple’s wedding day! And I do not take that lightly.


           I am an ordained minister from a non-denominational church in Tampa -- not the "on-line-kind".  ;) It’s called Bay Chapel.

(But YOU get to determine what goes in to your ceremony -- as much or as little mention of "religion" as you like.)

       ​    Writing ceremonies and officiating weddings is my full time passion and joy.


          I love to be available to couples “till death us do part”!  No question or concern is too big or too small! 


Here is a bit about my background  and MORE IMPORTANTLY  . . . 

How my experiences will benefit YOU! 


            Having been raised in South America, I learned to speak Spanish and brought back with me an appreciation for the warmth of the culture.  “Soy latina de corazón  . . . y estómago!” 

(I love the food!) LOL  


You are going to feel the warmth of family from me. 


            I’ve been married since 1982 -- to the same patient, handsome man. 

Four people call me “Mom” --  two lovely daughters and two handsome sons-in-love, 

and I get to be “Mimi” to FIVE adorable littles. 


I’m a big believer in marriage and family -- I’m excited to support yours!


            Working at a TV studio, producing and directing a children’s TV show is where

I learned to write creative scripts, be organized, and “be on camera”/ on stage. 



I am always aware of where your photo/videographers are, and will make sure you look good at all times, as I try to stay out of the way as much as possible -- especially during your first kiss as married people!


            My being comfortable with public speaking, and in front of a crowd . . . 


My calm will be contagious and put you at ease.





hub n me.jpg

60 Trips Around The Sun

My Fave Groom, Since 1982

           As an Adjunct Professor at Southeastern University teaching Creative Communications For Children and some TV production and video editing courses, I learned when you are dealing with young adults, you can’t survive without being an expert in your field, being a good communicator and having a sense of humor! 


How do over 40 (very short) tutorial videos sound  for providing you with tons of expert information?  And I promise you we are going to have fun along the way.


Fun Facts


        The LARGEST wedding?


Oooo! That's easy. It was for Joy and Eric (pictured here), Lakeland's Largest Wedding!

40,000 guests! . . . well, they were in attendance -- because it was a wedding on a Christmas Parade Float! 2022

         The smallest?


Well, that happens often -- an intimate elopement of two. I do love these. They are so sweet and private.

         Most Embarrassing Wedding Moments:

So many! LOL

  • A bee got stuck in my hair . . . a caterpillar fell into my shoe . . .a groom was so emotional his nose was running like two rivers! The bride reached right up and GRABBED it with her bare hand! I was like, "Ok. Ok.  . . . THAT is love, right there!" LOL

  • One of the bride's maids bumped a column on stage, it teetered, and when I caught it, the flowers on top fell and hit me on the head on the way down! Good thing they were silk and not too heavy-- I lived to tell about it!

  • Then there was the time I backed up (to get out of the first kiss photo) and was standing right over the SPARKLERS that were about to go off! The Maid of Honor saved my life . . . and my knickers!  😂

  • I may or may not have officiated a whole wedding with my dress on backwards . . . 🤦🏼‍♀️😂



Here is the TRUTH about reviews!

This is my website. I can put whatever I want on here! LOL

If you want to see "the whole truth" (and this applies to all your vendors) go to a neutral source that we can't control! 

Google, WeddingWire, Facebook, Thumbtack


That being said, here is one of my favorites! ;)

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Oh, where do I begin? Pastor Crystal is a kind and sweet human being! My husband and I are so blessed that we found her. We cannot even imagine our wedding ceremony without her officiating it. From the very first call, she was so sweet and informative. She made us feel comfortable and provide us with many ideas to make our ceremony unique and stand out from others. She would constantly call/email check on us just to make sure that we were doing all right throughout the wedding planning. She was promptly at the rehearsal and guided us through all the steps. She made sure that our ceremony flowed and that we were happy with every detail of it. She is absolutely amazing! We recommend her 100% you will not regret it. -Sandra  (Pictured here)

p.s. THIS DRESS!!! I just can't!

And . . .  note the way I'm not photobombing this gorgeous couple's first kiss? Even though I may be adorably cute (for a 60 year old) LOL, I will stay out of as many of your photos as possible! ;)

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